Office, Stanislavsky Factory

The core of the space is the diagonal bright yellow pathway that separates the open-space from the offices.

The client's main wish was to come up a strikingly bold layout and implement the elements of corporate visual identity and brand colors in the interior design. The key architectural decision was to discard the existing plan imposed by the grid of columns, breaking it with the diagonal through the space. Diagonal is formed by a glass walls on the one side and a line of working stations on the other, it starts at the reception and ends at the accounting department near the emergency exit. The area of ​​600 sq. m (6,460 sq. ft) holds 60 working places, 3 meeting rooms, 8 offices for managers and security, the kitchenette, waiting area, and the printer room .

The project was implemented in collaboration with Denis Ivakin, Sergei Vasiliev, and GC "Montazhremstroy"

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